[X Newbies] Diskwarrior and OS X

Miles mylasticposse at mac.com
Tue Dec 3 13:11:12 PST 2002

On 12/3/02 11:11 AM, "Bill Reburn" <bill at pacificcoast.net> wrote:

> Here is something sort of funny
> I had a friend who believed - and shared the information with many - that as
> of January 1, 2003 - OS9 would simply refuse to boot on any machine at any
> time ever again (even if you set your clock back).
> So if you did not have OSX yet - you should go buy it and if you didn't, you
> would be in for a big surprise come that particular Wednesday morning.
> Priceless.
> On 12/3/02 12:01 PM, "Kevin Stevens" <Kevin_Stevens at pursued-with.net> wrote:
I wonder how he got that out of Jobs' statement that new Macs starting in
2003 would not boot OS 9. http://www.looprumors.com/ has I think a
reasonable speculation as to why the newer Macs won't boot OS 9.

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