[X Newbies] log in and another problem

jc jc at his.com
Wed Dec 4 06:57:41 PST 2002

At 4:00 AM -0500 12/4/02, Aaron Dickey wrote:
>>When I first started using OS X.2 I didn't have to put my password 
>>in to start up the computer. I had a serious problem and had to 
>>reinstall OS X and now I do have to put my password in when turning 
>>on the computer. Is there a preference file somewhere where I can 
>>turn that off?
>Open up System Preferences and click on the Accounts Panel. There, 
>under the Users tag, you'll see a button marked "Set Auto Login...". 
>Click it, type in your password, and voila!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Don't know why I didn't think to look there.

Now another problem, ever since I reinstalled the OS X.2 again, on 
startup I get a panel with the following message: "Application Launch 
Failure - The application "Transport Monitor" could not be launched 
because of a shared library error: "8<Transport Monitor><Transport 
Monitor>HotSynclib.PPC<>" And then an OK button. What do I need to 
install and where do I get it so this message box doesn't come up 
when I reboot?

--Jim Conrad

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