[X Newbies] Diskwarrior and OS X

Shawn King shawn at yourmaclife.com
Wed Dec 4 08:48:24 PST 2002

On 12/4/02 8:51 AM, "Brian Fish" <ifish at macosx.com> wrote:

> I'm not under the impression that my mac will turn into a pumpkin at the
> stroke of midnight.  But I do have a few software titles that I wouldn't
> want to lose if I bought a new mac in, let's say, 6 months.

You won't, as long as you hold on to the old Mac.

>  So does this
> mean that I can trust that any new software I buy WILL run the classic
> environment correctly under X without having to boot into 9?

No. Apple cannot guarantee what third party software will or won't work
under Classic or even OS X, for that matter.

The reverse is also true. Third party vendors can't guarantee that Apple
won't "do something" to the Classic or OS X environment that "breaks" their

It has happened many times in the past.

Shawn King
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