[X Newbies] log in and another problem

Bill Reburn bill at pacificcoast.net
Wed Dec 4 07:36:33 PST 2002

That bit that says "...>HotSynclib.ppc<>" looks like a problem with some
Palm software?

Do you have a Palm/Visor/PDA-type device?
Maybe re-install the Palm software?

If you do not, go into the System pref's again and open the Login Items

Click on the item in the list named "Transport Monitor" and then click on
the remove button below.


On 12/4/02 6:57 AM, "jc" <jc at his.com> wrote:

> At 4:00 AM -0500 12/4/02, Aaron Dickey wrote:
>>> When I first started using OS X.2 I didn't have to put my password
>>> in to start up the computer. I had a serious problem and had to
>>> reinstall OS X and now I do have to put my password in when turning
>>> on the computer. Is there a preference file somewhere where I can
>>> turn that off?
>> Open up System Preferences and click on the Accounts Panel. There,
>> under the Users tag, you'll see a button marked "Set Auto Login...".
>> Click it, type in your password, and voila!
> Thank you, thank you, thank you. Don't know why I didn't think to look there.
> Now another problem, ever since I reinstalled the OS X.2 again, on
> startup I get a panel with the following message: "Application Launch
> Failure - The application "Transport Monitor" could not be launched
> because of a shared library error: "8<Transport Monitor><Transport
> Monitor>HotSynclib.PPC<>" And then an OK button. What do I need to
> install and where do I get it so this message box doesn't come up
> when I reboot?
> Thanks

Bill Reburn

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