[X Newbies] Removing Apps?

Michael Winter michael-winter at uiowa.edu
Mon Dec 9 14:49:09 PST 2002

On Monday, December 9, 2002, at 04:22  PM, Rob Griffiths wrote:

> 1) Drag app folder to trash.
> 2) Empty trash.
> Nearly every OS X application keeps all its files in a nice, neat tidy
> "bundle", making it very easy to do just such things.  If you're really
> worried about drive space, you can (just as you did in OS 9), go 
> rooting
> about in the System Folder(s) for various bits.  But even this is easy
> in OS X, as everything installed by a well-behaved application will
> exist within your user's Library folder.  Some may use Application
> Support, others may create their own folder there, and most will use 
> the
> Preferences sub-directory.  Go to the Library folder, hit command-F, 
> and
> search for the app name to find the bits if you really need to kill
> them.

In general I agree with Rob. Though there is the possibility for things 
to be even more complex in X. Some apps will add stuff to /Library. If 
you have several users, there may be multiple copies of preferences to 
delete if you're really worried about getting rid of them.

Beyond that, applications can potentially do any of the following in 
either /Library or each user's Library folder:
    Create its own folder.
    Create a file/folder in the Application Support folder.
    Create a file or folder in the Preferences folder.

In the end, if you're really worried about it, find the files as Rob 
described and delete them that way (which can end up being just as much 
trouble as the OS 9 way).


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