[X Newbies] Removing Apps?

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> How does one, after install a Mac OS X app, 
> remove it, completely 
> What are the steps?
    Let me quote from  page 148 of David Pogue's  Mac OS X: The Missing Manual (Second Edition):
Uninstalling Software
This is the part where you're so glad to be a Mac user.  To uninstall a program, you just drag it (or its folder) from the Applications folder (or wherever it is), to the Trash.   You might also check your Home---->Preferences folder for the presence of a preference file, which you can also trash.
That's it.  There's no Uninstall program, no Add/Remove Perograms window, no left-behind pieces to worry about."
     I hightly recommend this particular book for newbies.  It's easily understandable, well indexed, and full of the information you need to know.
                   Paula Rutledge

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