[X Newbies] mail program attachments

cricket cricket at apple.com
Thu Dec 12 20:40:30 PST 2002

Attachments are stored with a message until you explicitly extract them 
in one of the following ways:

1. Drag-and-drop attachment(s) from the message to a location in the 
Finder (Shift-click to select multiple attachments or Select All to 
select them all)
2. Ctrl-click on any attachment or selection of attachments and choose 
an option from the contextual menu
3. Use the File->Save Attachments menu item

- cricket

On Thursday, December 12, 2002, at 8:21 PM, Jerry Wilson wrote:

>> I've been using Eudora for my email for several years and with OS 
>> X.2.2 I decided to try Apples Email program.
>> Where does the mail program in OS X.2.2 store attachments?  Is there 
>> some way to specify where attachments to emails will be put?
> Me thinks storing attachments, other than with the email, is an 
> independent step.
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