downloading and playing sounds

Chris Beamis beamis at
Thu Dec 12 22:25:54 PST 2002


I thought I would be clever and download some sounds to use
for my system sound effects instead of the stock ones.

Two separate problems stopped me:
1) I found a site with Looney Tunes sounds in .wav format.
    I want to use these sounds but they need to be in .aiff format
   in the /Library/Sounds directory.

   Does anyone know if there is a utility to convert from .wav
   to .aiff?  I've been looking but got skunked so far.

   2) To listen to the sounds, I left clicked on them in Explorer,
       which causes (after some time for the download) a
      little window to appear with the file name and controls
     to play the sound, which it does just fine.
     But I wanted to save the file on my disk so I clicked
     File/Save As in Explorer and saved it to my area
     using Quicktime since that is the only option offered.
     When I double click it to play it a little window pops up
    explaining that I can't play the file because some *.IETemp
    file is missing.  How do I download files using Explorer?

Chris Beamis

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