.asp urls launch Apple System Profiler

Jerry Krinock dearjerry at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 13 20:52:21 PST 2002

This has happened twice this week.  I click on a link on a web page in
Internet Explorer.  The status line at the bottom of the window says:

Sending request for /blah/blah/createPDF.asp

In this case, I'm supposed to see a pdf in Acrobat Reader.  Instead, Apple
System Profiler launches and displays an empty window.

Has anyone else ever seen this problem?

Anyone know how to fix it?

I've tried to "Save Link To Disk", but that item is not available in the
contextua menu.  I've also tried to create an ".asp" file and change its
"Open With..." option in the Finder, but all other apps are grayed out in
the list.

I'm using OS 10.2.2.


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