[X Newbies] Jaguar Finder's "Find" Does Not Search the Trash

Jerry Krinock dearjerry at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 16 10:57:27 PST 2002

on 02/12/16 07:40, Gregory Cortelyou at chefgreg at mac.com wrote:

> Did you try looking in the trash?
Of course you can find a trashed file by searching through the trash.  But
if I knew where the file was, I wouldn't be using "Find", would I ;)

My point is that it would be much more convenient and reliable if the
Finder's Find included the .Trash in its search, as it did in OS 9.  As it
is now, it takes two steps to find a misplaced file:

Step 1.  Use the Finder's "Find".
Step 2.  If you don't find it, manually pick through your trash.


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