[X Newbies] HP Laserjet 4M not working under 10.2.2

Michael Winter michael-winter at uiowa.edu
Wed Dec 18 08:40:56 PST 2002

On Wednesday, December 18, 2002, at 10:03  AM, Web wrote:

> My HP Laserjet 4M is not working anymore under OS 10.2.2 on my 
> powerbook G4. I used it before with 10.2 and 10.2.1 through Gimp 
> print, but now it stopped..

We have the same printer here. I've never needed to use Gimp print to 
use it, but I did have a lot of trouble that sounds similar to what 
you're experiencing, until I downloaded the newest driver and PPD for 
it from the HP web site. Have you checked to see if there's anything 
newer on the HP web site?

I should note that I do have both Gimp print and Ghostscript installed, 
just not in use for that particular printer. Also, this printer is 
connected to the ethernet network via an AsantePrint adapter.


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