Two separate Questions: email and wireless

Thomas McDermott Jr tjm at
Tue Dec 2 16:14:40 PST 2003

Good evening,
	Have two questions and figured I would include them both here and not 
waste bandwidth.  I am using Eudora Pro 5.2 on my 12 inch powerbook and the 
html messages come in all skewed; I have tried different sizing options, 
buts lines of text and pictures are off.  Can anyone recommend a mailer 
that I would be able to view these messages properly and have the ability 
to leave mail on the server so it can be downloaded when I am at my main 
computer?  Anyone know if Eudora Pro 6.0 is any better in this regard?
	Second question is in regards to my airport extreme base station.  I have 
tried the Dr. Bott ExtendAir and had no luck with increasing the 
signal.  Is it possible to place a WAP somewhere in my house to "forward 
on" the airport extreme signal wirelessly (without having to run a network 
cable to the WAP)  If I were to get an XBOX or PS2 would I be able to use 
the online features with this setup?

Thanks in advance.


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