The Tasks, etc.

Charles Martin chasm at
Thu Dec 4 14:52:33 PST 2003

> From: Gregory Cortelyou <chefgreg253 at>
> I have lately been unduly obsessed with the so called "cron tasks" that
> take place automatically if you leave your Mac on all the time.


Yes, I'd definitely say that you are unduly obsessed. You've really 
spent far more time thinking about them than is necessary.

>  I
> wonder how important they are, if those of us that are more savvy are
> just more neurotic too.

I consider myself more "savvy" than the average computer user, but not 
more neurotic. :)

> I
> will continue my faithful routines regardless, but is there really any
> harm done in not doing them? Sorry for the length.

There's no harm done in not doing them, at least for quite some time. I 
imagine that if you let it go long enough, the SIZE of the logs might 
become noticeable, but there's absolutely NO need to waste valuable 
time giving them any real thought.

I use OnyX (similar to Mac Janitor) about once a month (on average) to 
generally tighten up my system and do all the cron jobs at once. Works 
fine, no problems. I never even really think about it.

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