TCP/IP broken in Classic

Charles Martin chasm at
Fri Dec 19 12:23:40 PST 2003

> From: Jeff Rothfus < at>
>> Jeff, I think you cannot connect from Classic.
> Hmmm ... it a puzzle ... because if Eugene's link is to be believed ...
> [scroll to Scott Richert post]
> ... at least some people have successfully done it.
I can verify that one can connect to the internet using Classic ... I 
never do it these days except for an old version of Transmit that I 
can't figure out how to move my bookmarks out of. :)

> Yes, absolutely.  I can boot alternately into OS 9 and OS X very
> successfully and reach the internet in both.  The only problem is
> connecting to the internet in Classic with Classic applications.
Sounds like there's some drivers that didn't get installed when you 
installed OS X.

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