[X Newbies] [OT] Win2000 Passwords

Raoul Armfield armfield at amnh.org
Wed Jul 2 11:55:09 PDT 2003

:Some questions:
:1 Can I rename the PC (and for that matter the Mac) with a view to
:starting over?

Renaming the PC is not going to help you to start over.  Under connect
to Server try using the ip address rather than the computer name.  


:2  I have a feeling that the Windows use of workgroups is confusing
:things.  At the moment the sole workgroup is HOMEUSER.  Is this what
:atttempt to connect to or should I put in the 'name' of the PC 
:or myself
:as admin/user?

After you type in smb:\\...   you will get a window prompting you for
the username, password and the Domain. Under domain you should type
HOMEUSER.  The password is your username on the PC, same for the

It would help if you create a new account on the PC using a short name
rather than the firstname lastname Win2K and WinXP use for the
original account.

:3  Does X look for the Win account password on the PC or should it be
:stored on the Mac, and should it be the same one the person uses if
:sitting at the PC?

It looks for the account on the PC so yes it will be the same on as
you use if you are sitting at the PC.

Feel free to contact me directly if you need.  While I am not a MAC
guru I frequently do exactly what you are attempting to do right now.


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