upgrade firmware before upgrade to osX?

Jonathan Park jpjuggler at comcast.net
Wed Jul 2 14:23:33 PDT 2003

Before upgrading to osX, my manual advised me to upgrade firmware.
Currently I have "boot rom 4.1.3f2", and was attemping to upgrade to
4.2.8.  I attempted to upgrade and was unsuccesful.

In trying to track down the problem, I came across


which says some g4's don't need the upgrade(such as the "quicksilver") and
some do (such as the "digital audio")

So first question is, How do I determine what "version" of G4 I have?

Second, if I do need the upgrade, here's the problem I ran into:
After pressing and holding down the proper button on restart and following
the instructions I got a line command screen.

"Welcome to open firmware, the system time and date, ... etc.
to continue booting type "mac boot"  to shut down....etc.

After typing in the "mac boot"  I received a message "your power mac was not
updated, review instructions and begin again."

I have a :
G4  466mghz
machine id 406 (if this is pertinent)

John Park

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