[X Newbies] Address Book Won't Open

Jerry Wilson jerrywilsons at mac.com
Sun Jul 6 16:15:42 PDT 2003

On Sunday, July 6, 2003, at 07:06  PM, Deb Hagen wrote:

> Sherlock appears to search the Internet - couldn't find any way to 
> search the Mac with it.  When I search with Finder, Address Book 
> doesn't show up.  Any other possibilities?

Find is the way to search you HD.  Be sure your spelling is correct, 
copy exactly like it's written else where in your system.

If no luck there be sure to copy your address book from mail.app and 
use Pacifists to reinstall just Address Book from your install CD.

Here is where your address's are kept:  This I must say is from an 
earlier post from the Most Honorable "Cricket" (IMHO).    :-)

You need to save the following:

In your Library directory:

- Save the Mail folder
- Save the Keychains folder

In your Library/Preferences directory:

- Save the com.apple.mail.plist
- Save the com.apple.security.plist

- cricket

You can later replace the new folders with the above.


B&W G3/400/1024MB/OSX 10.2.6/Safari 1.0/mail.app 1.2.5/LaCie CD-R/Palm 
USB-Serial/Studio Display 21"/View Sonic PF790

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