[X Newbies] Ordering a Book on iPhoto - solved

Thomas D. Kearns thomas.d.kearns at verizon.net
Sun Jul 6 16:28:52 PDT 2003

Dennis - I was finally able to order a book.  Here's some of what I 

1.  I stared all over again after I had blank pages and losing some 
pix.  I copied the iPhoto library, started again and the missing pix 
came back.
2. After trying to order I got an error message: "can't order now - try 
later."  I tried a few times and one time I got a different message: 
that  they could not verify credit card.  But then next several times I 
got the "not now" error message.
	So I checked credit card info just in case and sure enough I made a 
mistake in the expiration date.  Fixed it.
3.  Started downloading - got repeated error message that there was an 
error uploading my file and that I should check my network connections. 
  Everything else was working including Mail, IE, safari and of course, 
the connection to fix my credit card.  After getting the same error 
message several times, i re-started the iMac (17"  10.2.6) and finally 
it worked.

Whew!  That was hard!


On Sunday, July 6, 2003, at 10:15 AM, Dennis R. Cohen wrote:

> On 7/5/03 at 7:25 PM, Thomas D. Kearns <thomas.d.kearns at verizon.net>
> transmitted the following electronic message:
>> Has anybody actually been able to do it? The process of organizing the
>> Book is very hard.  The photos keep shifting around. There is a
>> warning that some pix are too low resolution for good copies but I
>> can't find a control to shrink the picture other than the "one, "two"
>> etc control (how many pix on a page).   Even when I do that, I can't
>> get the pix to stay on the page selected.
> There are a number of things you can do, all of which are covered in my
> book (iLife Bible) and almost all of which are covered in iPhoto 2: The
> Missing Manual (I was the tech editor).
> The page templates are just that: templates of page layouts that the
> book producer supports. iPhoto merely gives a graphic interface to the
> allowed layouts. The layouts support n photos per page and the size and
> organization will be determined by the orientation of the photos
> involved. You cannot "shrink" or "enlarge" individual items. For
> example, in the Picture Book theme, one portrait and two landscapes 
> will
> fill the page, with the landscapes stacked and the portrait to one 
> side.
> Assuming that all three were the same resolution, the portrait will be
> reduced less than the landscape. Three landscapes will result in a
> "pyramid" layout.
> Your best option for low-resolution figures is to group them in the
> Organize pane so that they are sequential in the Book view and choose a
> page layout where their resolution is not a problem.
> To avoid things moving around as the result of cascading changes, you
> should work from left to right along the sequence -- that way, the
> changes only affect items to the right, which you have yet to lay out.
> Additionally, you can select a page in the sequence and click the Lock
> Page checkbox. Now, changes made to the left will not cascade into or
> past the locked page, but if you ever unlock that page, expect a 
> massive
> ripple effect to take place.
> -- 
> Dennis Cohen
> Mac Digital Photography (Sept 2003)
> iLife Bible
> Mac OS X Bible
> and other titles

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