Mail List and Problems

Sherry Silver60 at
Thu Jul 10 12:29:17 PDT 2003

Speaking of Apples mail program, is their a email list for the mail 
program.  Since I went to Jag. mail has been driving me nuts.  I have 
checked Apple Support site.  My search has turned up nothing.  Or maybe 
I am not using the right words for the search.

i.e., some of the downloaded mail ends up in the Trash, even though I 
have not set up any rules.  It will not be for the same mailbox nor for 
the same person. Its random.   On the other hand,  mail will download 
into the Trash, even thought I have a rule set up for it to got to a 
specific box.  On some mailboxes I can use the keyboard to open or 
delete.  Others I can open with Return key, but not use the Delete key.

thanks for any help,


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