[X Newbies] Apple's Mail - Insert text

TheMacintoshLady TheMacintoshLady at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 10 01:03:48 PDT 2003

This post came through for me with my diet.txt file inserted as text, 
(see below) just as I said it would, after I dragged the whole file into 
the message pane, at least on this end it showed up as text in the body 
of the  mail message. Likewise, it drags out really easily into a text 
clipping onto the desktop, which can then be inserted into any other word 
processing file. This feature of Classic is a very big time saver for 
people who have to constantly put text in and out of files when 
making/updating webpages.

I am still waiting to hear whether it "doesn't support this" from anyone 
else using Emailer? This is how most all applications work in Classic...
I still think drag and drop has been set back mightily in X.
Thanks for listening.

TheMacintoshLady tapped out this message on 7/9/2003 6:15 PM 

>cricket tapped out this message on 7/9/2003 6:13 PM 
>>Emailer doesn't support this. If you actually try things before 
>>suggesting them, that sometimes helps. :)
>I do it all the time.
>>Dragging a file into emailer attaches it as a file, just like Mail.
>Only if you drag it into the attachments pane......
>I just did it again and it does work. I dragged a "diet" BBEDit .txt file 
>into this mail and it came in as text on my end. What do you see?
>Three-egg omelette with avocado                                               
>Mozzarella cheese and tomato                                                  
>Decaffeinated coffee with cream 
>Beef round steak (8 oz)                                                       
>Spinach and mixed leaf salad with mushrooms,                                  
>onions, celery and parmesan cheese 
>Broiled salmon (9 oz)                                                         
>Kale topped with garlic, lemon and sesame seeds

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