[X Newbies] Question about "Receipts" folder

T. Patrick Henebry tphenebry at comcast.net
Sun Jul 27 17:11:17 PDT 2003

On 7/27/03 6:13 PM, "TheMacintoshLady" <TheMacintoshLady at earthlink.net>

> Are the things I have downloaded through the S.W..U.C.Panel and found in
> Receipts, viable installers that can be copied to another disc for use
> elsewhere?

No. The items found in the Receipts folder are markers to tell the system
what has been installed. They are *not* installers.

If you need standalone installers you can get them here


With your high speed connection and then burn the files to CD so you can
take them with you to other machines.
T. Patrick Henebry
tphenebry at comcast.net

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