Disk First Aid [was Re: [X Newbies] MacJanitor]

Peter Sealy pandcsealy at hotkey.net.au
Mon Jul 28 13:24:37 PDT 2003

On Tuesday, July 29, 2003, at 04:01  AM, Randy B. Singer wrote:

> Mark Gibson said:
>> The startup disk is repaired automatically, if required, as part of
>> the startup process.
> No it isn't.
> If you want First Aid/fsck to run during startup, you have to hold down
> the shift key during startup to boot into Safe Mode:


I have often wondered about that because in the instructions window of 
the First Aid tab of Disk Utility app [OS X 10.2.6] it says "The 
startup disk was verified, and repaired if necessary, at boot time." I 
took that to mean that at every boot up [in my language also means 
Restart or cold startup, not a log out log in] Disk First Aid checks 
the startup disk. Is this not so? This is why I have rarely bothered to 
run DFA on my startup disk, assuming it has regularly been done every 
time I restart which I do every day. I do understand that you can not 
run DFA on the startup disk once the startup process has completed.


Peter Sealy

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