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>On 4-6-03 9:56 PM, "Vincent Cayenne" <vcayenne at> wrote:
>>  A Mac virus? On OS X?
>>  Or are you referring to propagation of a Windows virus? Or the
>>  surfacing of an old Mac OS 9 virus?
>Yes, it is a Windows virus (W97), which is not strictly to do with OS X.  I
>take it that we are just vulnerable because we don't have active antivirus
>protection on OS X.
>The virus seems to do nothing to our machines except spread. It's
>transmitted on Word documents we create and presses alarm bells for PC users
>who receive them.  At this stage it is only our reputation that is

That is a Word Macro virus, and it's unfortunately crossplatform. 
Make sure you have macros turned off in Word. Virex will deal with 
these. They are not very common any more, and they don't do anything 
to the Mac. They don't spread either unless you pass an infected 
document on. But if you have Word macros turned on, they can spread 
to other documents on your system.

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