[X Newbies] Disappearing files

Chris Walker chris at mymac.demon.co.uk
Mon Jun 16 00:59:00 PDT 2003

>TheMacintoshLady said:
>>What is the equivalent of rebuilding the desktop on X?
>There is no exact equivalent in OS X.  In fact, what you have happening 
>is supposed to not be possible because OS X automatically handles it.  
>Nevertheless, as you have found out, it some rare cases it does indeed 
>sometimes happen.
>The first thing to try is Dragster.  Usually that will fix it.  Dragster 
>is free and you can download it from:
There is also a freeware app called RebuildDesktop, which presumably does
much the same.  I don't have a URL but a search on Versiontracker should
find it.


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