[X Newbies] Mac Mail Question

cricket cricket at apple.com
Tue Jun 17 14:06:35 PDT 2003

There is no such preference. This is a feature of .Mac accounts. If you 
have a .Mac account and you use webmail.mac.com to set up a user 
picture, all users of Mail (and .Mac webmail) that receive messages 
from you (from your .Mac address) will see this picture automatically. 
There is no configuration required.

- cricket

On Tuesday, June 17, 2003, at 2:02 PM, TheMacintoshLady wrote:

>> How do I get my picture in my emails like some of you have? Will it
>> show up then in all my email messages even to people using other mail
>> programs?
> This is a setting in your mail accounts prefs to show it as a link or a
> file. No it will not show up to people who use text, and some have it
> turned off or only use text apps so they will just get it as an 
> attachment.

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