[X Newbies] Connecting to OS X

Scott scott-xlists at scotist.com
Tue Jun 17 14:58:58 PDT 2003

On Monday, Jun 16, 2003, at 07:53 US/Pacific, G.M. HADLOW wrote:

> I have been trying to get an iMac running on 10.2.6 to connect to a G3
> running 9.2.2 via ethernet through a hub.
> The iMac can see the G3 but when I try to connect to the iMac, its 
> seen in
> the chooser. Gives the message " The attempted connection to the 
> server has
> failed. Try again later."
> I have tried to connect as a registered user and a guest but to no 
> avail.
> I suspect I have not done something right on the iMac.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Gen

Your settings are probably ok on the iMac. The problem lies on the G3. 
OS X uses Appletalk *only* to discover services, not to perform the 
actual transfer or connection.

  Both of your machines need to have valid IP addresses. If you have no 
router, or no dhcp services from your ISP, both machines should default 
to an IP address of 169.254.x.x.

Note the IP address and configuration method that appears in the iMac's 
"System Prefs--> Network--> Show Built-in Ethernet--> TCP/IP. It should 
be 169.254.x.x  via dhpc.

Now look at the tcp/ip control panel on the G3. To work properly, it 
should be set to Connect via ethernet, configure via dhcp. It should 
have an IP address similar to that of the G4. 169.254.x.x, if the G4 
has a 169, or 10.x.x.x if the G4 has a 10.x.x.x, etc.

In your case, I'd bet the G3's tcp/ip control panel is set to connect 
via PPP, AOL Link enhanced, freeppp, or some other non-ethernet medium. 
either write down your current settings and change it to "connect via 
ethernet, configure using dhcp", or create a new location where it is 
set to ethernet/dhcp.


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