[X Newbies] Mac Mail Question

Vincent Cayenne vcayenne at mac.com
Tue Jun 17 15:46:42 PDT 2003

>jc tapped out this message on 6/17/2003 9:42 AM
>>How do I get my picture in my emails like some of you have? Will it
>>show up then in all my email messages even to people using other mail
>  >programs?

At 5:02p -0400 2003.06.17, TheMacintoshLady attempted to clarify:
>This is a setting in your mail accounts prefs to show it as a link or a

 From some associated list archives:

At 8:14a -0400 2002/05/09, Alfredo Octavio wrote:
>The pictures you are seeing is probably from mac.com addresses... 
>You can go to webmail.mac.com select preferences and, then, select 
>an option to have a pictur signature... It has to be 64x64 in jpeg 
>or gif.

At 10:35a -0400 2002/05/09, teknohag wrote:
>Other option (for non mac.com accts but using mail.app and viewable 
>by others who have it installed in mail.app) is MailPicturesBundle 
>avail via version tracker.

At 4:05p -0400 2002/05/09, Matthew Butch wrote:
>If you have a mac.com address you can use webmail to set it up. But, 
>if you don't, you can use MailPictures. See my sig below for the 
>Sent with MacOS X's Mail 1.1(v481)
>Show you picture in Mail.app! Get MailPictures at

At 3:39p -0500 2002/05/09, Gretchen Hayman wrote:
>I think we determined (in an earlier discussion on this) that 
>MailPictures users have to directly mail each other in order for 
>their pictures to be seen.  I don't see your picture (nor do I see 
>Matthew's) and I will bet you don't see mine. :)  Thus, this isn't 
>quite as nice as the web mail pictures from mac.com.

At 9:43a -0500 2002/05/16, Gretchen Hayman wrote:
>You need to set up the your iTools mail account preferences with a 
>picture (using the new webmail beta), then send mail from your 
>iTools account (youritoolsname at mac.com).  Then, folks using Mail.app 
>or Apple's webmail can see your picture.  If you notice, folks' 
>pictures show up only on e-mails with a username at mac.com addresses.*

The short answer would seem to be that if you are a .Mac subscriber, 
you can set it up for others to see. If you use Apple's Mail.app or 
the .Mac web-based mail, then you can see others' pictures.
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