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> Joe Ellis tapped out this message on 6/20/2003 12:44 PM
> >Toast does multiple session burns to DVDs. Apple's iDVD only does single
> >burns AFAIK.
> I do own Toast Titanium but not sure if it's a multi-purpose installer
> for Classic and X too like some applications are. Will have to check on
> that.
Toast Titanium will install in OS X you should also check and make sure you
have the latest update from the Toast web site, there have been several
since the last Toast CD was released. Also you may want to check this link
http://www.apple.com/hardware/superdrive/ it states that the latest versions
of the superdrive will support DVD-R/W but that if you own one of the
earlier MACs you need to update it's firmware to be compatable with the
newest DVD-R/W discs. The article shows how to check out your drive to see
if you need to do the update.

Joe Ellis

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