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Sat Jun 28 10:09:16 PDT 2003

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>> I have thought about this and am hesitant to give the government anything of
>> mine.
>> I find that simply having caller ID and not answering the phone when it says
>> the caller number is "unknown" has cut out 99% of all telemarketing calls.
> Hee hee. The government already has your phone number.
> There are many situations where the CID will display 'unknown' due to the
> phone system that a business or organization is using. While it may have
> removed 99% of your telemarketing calls, I can assure you that it has also
> removed a similar number of legitimate callers.
> I'd suggest that you answer the 'unknown' for a few weeks and track them to
> see what percentage of them are desired before cutting them off totally.
> My son's disability check was delayed for several months as my state's
> Disability Office tried to call and they were unable to reach me by phone for
> an interview which was required before they sent out the check.
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I saw this tip recently on dealing with telephone solicitors:  When you
learn it's a solicitor after answering the phone say,  "Can you hold for a
moment?" then put the phone down and ignore it.  Solicitors don't like dead
air, it cuts into their productivity.  The neat thing about this technique
is that you haven't insulted anyone or created negative feelings - you're
just letting them wither on the vine so to speak.    Zippy

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