[X Newbies] DHCP lost after upgrade

Florin Alexander Neumann alexn at ica.net
Sun Jun 29 19:31:03 PDT 2003

On Sunday, Jun 29, 2003, at 20:55 Canada/Eastern, aussieblnd wrote:

> Yes its using PPPoE on the hub router. [...] Computer  connected just 
> fine, when I took a look at
> the Preferences, Network, TCP/IP says PPP.

In Mac OS X you can have multiple network connections active at the 
same time. For instance, you could connect to the Internet via your 
modem (using TCP/IP over PPP), and, at the same time connect to the PC 
next door via Ethernet (using TCP). For the former, your Mac would use 
the IP address supplied by your ISP, for the latter the IP address 
would be set manually or obtained by DHCP (or other methods, but let's 
keep things simple).

Note that this wouldn't mean that you'd be using PPP and DHCP at the 
same time on the same network port -- they'd be on different 

Now, you go to the Network panel System Preferences to configure your 
network connections. You can choose which port to configure from the 
Show pop-up menu. But choosing a port to configure doesn't mean (as it 
did in OS 9) activating or de-activating that connection. So the fact 
that the Network panel displays the Internal Modem (with the TCP/IP tab 
set to use PPP) doesn't mean PPP is active now; it just means that this 
is the port you are configuring at the moment.

In your specific case you have a fairly common set-up: a LAN (your G4 
and G3) connected to a WAN (the Internet) via a router. Most likely, 
both machines have IP addresses assigned by DHCP by the router. You're 
not using PPP at all.

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