[X Newbies] Conceptualizing Desktop

Anne Keller-Smith earthpigz at earthlink.net
Sun May 4 18:31:41 PDT 2003

At 11:48 AM -0700 5/4/03, Jerry Krinock wrote:
>Anne, I think you've answered a lot of your own questions.  Here are the
>next steps I recommend for you:
>1.  Stop using OS 9.

Can't as I'm using OS9 for project work. I don't know OSX well enough
to do this yet.

>2.  Stop using the desktop.

Um, I need to know where my OS9 files are to do my work. That's
why I asked for some help conceptualizing where things might be.
I need to switch back and forth from 9 to X and I need the whole
hard drive to be accessible in either OS.

>To accomplish #2, you'll have to
>   a) Set the preferences in your web browser to put downloads
>      someplace else (I have created a "Downloads" folder in
>      my home\Documents for this.)

I don't download much from the internet at all.

>   b) Never put anything on the desktop.

Where should I put my project folders and so forth? When I boot back
into 9 (I do most of my work still in 9, and I'd say this will continue
for approximately 6 months, until I get my laptop working in X) how
do I access my folders? The OS X folder disappears when I am in
OS 9.

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