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Sun May 4 18:58:09 PDT 2003

On Sun, May 04, 2003, Anne Keller-Smith earthpigz at earthlink.net, invoked
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>Where should I put my project folders and so forth? When I boot back
>into 9 (I do most of my work still in 9, and I'd say this will continue
>for approximately 6 months, until I get my laptop working in X) how
>do I access my folders? The OS X folder disappears when I am in
>OS 9.

I found working with OS X a bit difficult to grasp at first. With school,
I just haven't had the time to poke around in all the folders and such.
But, once I discovered where the documents folder is located, that became
where I'd put everything. All my projects, documents, registration
information, pdf manuals, etc. are there. I even export all my mail from
PowerMail as text files. When I do my backups to CD, I just open the
document folder, shift drag over the folders I want and drag them to
Toast. The only other folders to check are in my downloads/upgrades,
which I usually burn to a separate CD so I don't have to download them
all over again if something goes awry.

To access your other folders, put aliases in all the main places until
you find a utility like Roadbook <http://www.peter-maurer.de/
roadbook.dmg.gz>. Also be sure to make an alias of your OS 9 application
folder. I never liked the dock.  

I've heard of people not finding OS 9 stuff when they are in X, but I've
never had this problem (i usually can't find my way around in X) and it
may be a result of having 9 installed on a different partition or drive.
I also haven't booted to my external drive with both X and 9 installed
often enough to see this - I load it just to play The Sims and HOMM3,
though I have other games I need to install to that drive, most are new
and should work in X.

Be careful using hacks. Try PTHClock <http://www.pth.com/PTHClock/> to
get different menu clock options, including color.

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