Diskwarrior and OS X & or will we go mad first

Charles Martin chasm at mac.com
Sun May 4 22:08:35 PDT 2003

> From: Anne Keller-Smith <earthpigz at earthlink.net>
> Not on this machine, because I need to test my web sites so they 
> degrade
> gracefully. In my local university community, anything higher than 
> Netscape
> 4.7 is unsupported for security reasons.

No offense intended (because I know it's not your decision) but that's 
just nonsense. Netscape 7, Mozilla, Safari, and yes even IE 5.1 are 
every bit as secure as Netscape 4.7. Probably MUCH more so thanks to 
the holes that have been found in javascript!

As for "degrading web sites," here's an easy way to save yourself a lot 
of bother: stick to the W3C standards for HTML and you'll never have a 
problem. It is ONLY when designers stray into unproven "extensions and 
extras" that you start getting sites that show up correctly on one 
browser and not on another. iCab is an INVALUABLE tool for checking 
standards-compliance. You should test your sites with IT and then you 
won't have to worry about IE vs. Netscape -- it will work correctly in 


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