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Mike Vicente mvicente at
Wed Nov 5 11:09:01 PST 2003


You could install Airport cards in each machine. Although
the G5 uses Airport Extreme and the iBook uses Airport, the
Airport Extreme is backward compatible.

I have a USB printer connected to an iMac. I share the
printer using Printer Sharing in the Sharing Preferences.
Every Airport-connected computer can use the USB printer.



On Wed, 05 Nov 2003 06:29:48 -0800 Stephen Foster wrote: 

> We have a dual-USB iBook (June, 2002) and are getting a
> G5 (1.8GHz). 
> I'd like to know the easiest way to have them share a
> printer (i.e. 
> the best router/hub model, configuration). Although we
> still can only 
> get dial-up access it would be useful, although not
> essential, to be 
> able to plug the iBook into a device rather than
> unplugging one 
> computer from the telephone wall jack and plugging the
> other in. At 
> some point, when we get broadband I suspect, Airport will
> become the 
> method of choice but that's probably three years away and
> I'm not 
> sure if the iBook can handle  Airport Extreme. I've never
> networked 
> two computers and I get confused when I look at the
> various hubs and 
> routers. Suggestions and education are solicited. Thanks,
> Stephen
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