[X Newbies] Process Viewer Say OK on Memory

John Wilson wilsonjohn at mac.com
Sat Nov 15 21:41:19 PST 2003

Hi Macintoshlady. It is frustrating when you can't figure something 
like this out. In my experience, many kernel panics are caused by 
faulty RAM, even RAM which worked fine with previous systems. It seems 
that OS X is getting progressively more finicky about RAM spec's. Try 
running the Hardware Test CD that came with your Mac and do the 
extended test for memory. I found that a chip that had worked for over 
a year with all previous versions of OS X no longer worked somewhere 
around 10.2.6. Fortunately, the vendor (18004memory) offers a lifetime 
warranty and sent me a free replacement module. Good luck. John

On Nov 16, 2003, at 12:03 AM, J wrote:

> How can I run out of memory when I am not using 100% according to the 
> Process Viewer?
> I have run all repairs daily/weekly/monthly as well as file permission 
> daily so what else can I do?
> This is really frustrating.

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