[X Newbies] Mailbox won't rebuild

Albert D'Amanda adamanda at mac.com
Sun Nov 16 16:50:19 PST 2003

On Nov 16, 2003,, at 7:33 PM, J Patrick Draine wrote:

> Should I just print out the really invaluable messages and toss the 
> rest & start over again?

Why don't you burn them all to a CD ( 2 each backups would   be better) 
and catalog them using third party software?
There  are software programs for the mac that catalog volumes. I 
personally use CDFinder 4.1

You can then trash your present mail files on  your hard drive and 
start over.

Dual 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4 (FW800)
OS Panther 10.3

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