[X Newbies] OT: My 1st Arabic spam received, fundamentalism?

Carter Tomassi carter at messyoptics.com
Sun Nov 16 17:28:41 PST 2003

>Since I cannot speak arabic, less do I write, I want to ask in this 
>list if this is simple advertisment for products or sevice or leads 
>to content of, well, I call it "religious or fundamentalistic" 
>I ask becourse times are bad enough so I will see to stop that 
>somehow in the latter case.

Wow, pretty cool. I love seeing totally non-Western designs. Looks 
like links to different chat rooms since it is registered to Arab 
Chat in Saudi Arabia and you need a User ID and password to get into 
them. Notice all those hearts and the coffee cups. And the Apple 
network symbol at the top of the main page.

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