[X Newbies] Port 110

James S Jones jsjones at mac.com
Wed Nov 26 22:15:50 PST 2003

The simplest method of making telnet connection would be to open a 
terminal window and enter the command:

	telnet pop.earthlink.net 110

or, whatever the name of your POP server might be.

If you connect, you can generally get out with the keystroke 
combination <control><]>.

If you aren't using the OS X firewall--and never have--then, it seems 
unlikely that it is blocking port 110. Indeed, you'd have to use 
something other than System Preferences to get it to do that.

It seems more likely that Mail isn't set up quite right. The part of 
the message about port 110 is probably extraneous and misleading. All 
it's telling you is that it can't connect. Who is your ISP?

On Nov 26, 2003, at 5:21 PM, J wrote:

>> c)  The suggestion given was to attempt connection to the POP server 
>> via telnet, to isolate the problem as being within or without 
>> Mail.app.  Did you do this?  If so, what was the result?  If not, go 
>> do it and forebear posting on this topic until you can report the 
>> result.
> I don't know how to use Telnet on this. I used it on System 7.5.3 last 
> time. I have not used it here. Send instructions. How would this show 
> me why certain accounts sometimes have that port 110 message? I don't 
> understand it at all.

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