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The "Keys out of order" message means severe directory corruption. 
You need to buy Disk Warrior and use it. It should be able to fix 
this problem.

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>Thanks Florin.
>Firstly, I've not tried resetting the NVRAM, because I don't know what
>that is, and Pogue's The Missing Manual doesn't mention it (it's not in
>the index...).
>Secondly, I've booted from the OSX CD and run the disk utility.  While
>at first, it recognized my hard drive, the 'G3' is now grey instead of
>black. like it was initially.  When a verification is done on the
>drive, the program says that 'G3' needs to be repaired.  I've asked it
>to repair, and it's still grey, and when a verification is redone, it
>still says that 'G3' needs to be repaired.  In addition, a red message
>comes up in the dialog box for both 'disk' commands-- "Keys out of
>order."  I'm guessing this means G3 has 'severe problems' and 'other
>programs may be needed to repair them'-- does this mean, get a 'tech'
>If I'm still not giving enough information, what other details can I
>give?  I thought that I'd been pretty specific with what I know about
>what I'm doing....  And, I do feel more intimate with my computer now
>than I did a few days ago (for instance, I didn't realize that the
>black screen that I'd written programs on in seventh grade was still
>Thanks again.


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