[X Newbies] blue screen infinity

John Lowther j.lo at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 20 21:44:54 PDT 2003

Thanks Florin.

Firstly, I've not tried resetting the NVRAM, because I don't know what 
that is, and Pogue's The Missing Manual doesn't mention it (it's not in 
the index...).

Secondly, I've booted from the OSX CD and run the disk utility.  While 
at first, it recognized my hard drive, the 'G3' is now grey instead of 
black. like it was initially.  When a verification is done on the 
drive, the program says that 'G3' needs to be repaired.  I've asked it 
to repair, and it's still grey, and when a verification is redone, it 
still says that 'G3' needs to be repaired.  In addition, a red message 
comes up in the dialog box for both 'disk' commands-- "Keys out of 
order."  I'm guessing this means G3 has 'severe problems' and 'other 
programs may be needed to repair them'-- does this mean, get a 'tech' 

If I'm still not giving enough information, what other details can I 
give?  I thought that I'd been pretty specific with what I know about 
what I'm doing....  And, I do feel more intimate with my computer now 
than I did a few days ago (for instance, I didn't realize that the 
black screen that I'd written programs on in seventh grade was still 

Thanks again.

On Monday, October 20, 2003, at 10:57  PM, Florin Alexander Neumann 

> On Monday, Oct 20, 2003, at 18:16 Canada/Eastern, John Lowther wrote:
>> They're just not working, and I'm not getting the promised screens....
> Not everything works all the time; especially for neophytes.
> You tried those solutions (including resetting the NVRAM, I assume) 
> and still can't boot off the hard disk? (Presumably, you have only 
> one? -- You were very spare with specific details.) Then boot off an 
> alternate drive, i.e., your CD-ROM drive. Use the OS X CD, the OS 9 
> CD, the 8.6 CD that came with your B&W, whatever. Success? -> You have 
> a disk corruption problem. Use a disk utility to try to fix it, 
> re-install the OS, or (what may very well be best in the long run) 
> reinitialize the drive and restore everything from the backup. 
> Failure? -> You have a hardware problem. You need to roll up your 
> sleeves and crack open the candy box.
> f
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