PAP on CUPS with Printer:LWSelect300

Mark Gillingham markgill at
Fri Oct 24 15:47:48 PDT 2003

  The CUPS FAQ claims that I can print from CUPS to an AppleTalk printer 
(e.g., Epson Stylus in the example below). Two questions, if a shared 
Personal LaswerWriter 300 is visial through atlookup 
(Printer:LWSelect300) can I print to it through CUPS. And, since Print 
Center uses CUPS (right?) can I use the Printer Center interface 

My printer does not show up in the AppleTalk default zone so that will 
probably not work. I did try to use the IP section to set the print as 
follows: pap://*/Printer/LWSelect300 without success.

Would this work if I hosted CUPS from a fink setup, for instance?


Following is the relevant part of the CUPS FAQ


How can I print using AppleTalk?

To set up Appletalk (PAP) printing you first need to open the terminal 
and type "atlookup" at the command line. After a delay you should get a 
(possibly long) list of appletalk devices on your network. You want to 
find the entry for your printer and use that info to form a PAP URI 
that you will enter in Print Center when you set up the printer.

When you type "atlookup" it should look something like this:

	macosx% atlookup
	Found 2 entries in zone *
	ff00.2f.80      Stylus PHOTO EX:EPSONLQ2
	ff5f.39.80      imac:Darwin

For this example, here is the corresponding pap URI that you would 
enter in "Device URI" for device (pap) using the Print Center 
"Advanced" setup:


Note that the colon is replaced with a forward slash and any spaces in 
any names must be replaced with "%20" in the URI. Here it is more 


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