[X Newbies] blue screen infinity

Florin Alexander Neumann alexn at ica.net
Fri Oct 24 15:45:05 PDT 2003

On Friday, Oct 24, 2003, at 16:00 Canada/Eastern, John Lowther wrote:

> Then, I restarted in single-user mode; the prompt I got, instead of 
> localhost#, was sh-2.05a#.

Correct. That's normal, it's the shell name and version.

> I typed in pwd, and the response told me it was working off the drive.

What did pwd actually return? Why didn't you run fsck?

As I said earlier, if neither fsck nor DW work, then you have to 
reinitialize the drive. You'll lose, of course, all data on the drive 
-- but you will be able to restore it from the backup (you do, of 
course, have a backup, don't you?).

If you boot from the OS X CD and Disk Utility doesn't see the drive, 
i.e., you see nothing but the CD in the left pane, then you'll have to 
roll up the sleeves and meddle with your Mac's innards. I'd suggest 
disconnecting the drive's power connector while the Mac is on, then 
reconnecting it. If that doesn't work either, then the drive is kaputt, 
and you need to buy a new one.


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