[X Newbies] PAP on CUPS with Printer:LWSelect300 /serial printing

Cyril Blanc blanc.cyril at wanadoo.fr
Wed Oct 29 21:40:30 PST 2003

On 29/10/03 14:59, "Florin Alexander Neumann" <alexn at ica.net> wrote:

>> The cost per page printed on an Inkjet is more than 15 cents so the
>> cost of
>> 5000 pages is 750 EURO
> Hardly relevant to the point (especially when you're talking about a
> period of 5 years!); it's not your economics that will determine the
> availability of a driver -- it's Apple's.

You are right in a way, but if we start to boycott Apple updates ! Panther !

I wanted to buy a 2x2ghz G5 / 8 GB / 2x250 GB (A BIG MONSTER many $ for
Apple and VSL), to be used with the Vienna Symphonic Library Pro, at Apple
expo Paris in September, but due to all the problems there are with G5
compatibilities issue I have postpone both buy !
I have another solution is to keep my G4 533 MP and to buy 2 PC with
Gigastudio to run VSL

Why are they so many Windows users ?

Apple has made a lot of marketing mistakes an left to Bill Gates the big
money, with 97.5 % of the computer park !

I understand that a company can replace it's laser printer after 5 years,
but a single user cannot, you have to make choices in your life.
Going to a G5 is a lot money, if you have to replace all your peripherals,
this will double the cost of the G5. (I have many peripherals as I use my
MAC for making music )

> There is no "HP replacement of the APLW 300". If you want a cheap,
> low-end laser printer, check out the Samsung ML-1510 -- you can get it
> for less than EURO 150.

This is not a brand I will buy ! it was the HP's nearest replacement
I have been working with HP at work dealing with a park of 200 Postscript
heavy duty Laser printers, HP makes rock solid printers !

Best regards
Cyril Blanc

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