[X Newbies] upgrading

Florin Alexander Neumann alexn at ica.net
Tue Sep 2 07:18:03 PDT 2003

On Monday, Sep 1, 2003, at 18:11 Canada/Eastern, Randy B. Singer wrote:

> Florin Alexander Neumann said:
>> IIRC, the G3 B&W cannot be used in FW Target mode. But perhaps
>> I'm wrong. Has anyone actually tried it?
> Yes.  I have.
> I have a blue and white G3/400 (OS X 10.2.6, SCSI internal drive), and  
> I
> attach my G4 PowerBook to it via FireWire cable, boot up my G4 PB into
> FireWire Target Disk mode [...]

Randy, I misread your original comment, but apparently you also misread  

What you are describing is using a G4 PowerBook in FireWire Target Disk  
mode, not a G3.

In computerese, a mode is a state in which a piece of software or  
hardware performs certain functions (see FOLDOC or The Jargon Lexicon).

When a Mac is booted in FireWire Target Disk mode, the Mac (target)  
functions as an enclosure for its internal drive; it behaves basically  
as an external hard drive. The other Mac (host) is working in its  
normal mode; in fact, it doesn't even need to be restarted to "see"  
(access) the target. (See:



In your example, the G3 boots in its "normal" mode, not in FW Target  
Disk mode. If you started your PB in normal mode, and your G3 in such a  
way as to enable it to function as an external FW hard drive (and  
appear on your PB's desktop), then you could say the G3 can be used in  
FW Target Disk mode.

But you can't do it, because, of G3 Macs, only the G3 FW PowerBooks can  
be used in FW Target Disk mode. (See




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