[X Newbies] Mail.app problems

Birgit Rhoads wdlnd at adelphia.net
Tue Sep 9 10:51:34 PDT 2003

There is no way I am going to trash e-mail accounts I have set up in
Entourage.  But I also have an iBook and was going to use Mail on that
because my only other choice would be Messenger.  Well, Mail gave me the
same message about my email being locked and would not send.  Netscape
Messenger works just fine, so it's not my ineptitude at setting up the
accounts.  I am happy to know that others have the same problems, I was
going to call my Cable company and find out why I could not set up accounts
that could send out in Apple Mail.  Now I will just forgetaboutit.

Birgit Rhoads

> On Tuesday, September 9, 2003, at 10:01  AM, Birgit Rhoads wrote:
>> I get the same messages.  I just got fed up with the entire
>> application and
>> went back to Entourage.  I hope Apple fixes Mail with Panther.  I can
>> receive some messages, but  not reply because either my server "won't
>> send"
>> or I have locked the mailbox NOT!
> Glad to know it's not me.
> What really ticks me off is that when the smtp fails, it adds the
> mac.com smtp AGAIN which I have deleted at least a hundred times! Talk
> about trying to force you to use something, shades of mickeysoft.
> For this "locked mailbox" make sure you have no duplicate accounts,
> trash all the associated mailboxes after you copy out any mail, and
> start over. I repaired permissions right before, then turned off mail
> pickup during, prayed to the mail gods and promised to sacrifice my
> first bor.....no just kidding! But I did add the mail in very carefully
> which is why I am answering this with it now on this machine and we
> shall see what happens.
> Some of this stuff is a royal added pain in the butt.
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