Fwd: Downloading problem

Annette Stollman annestoll at bainbridge.net
Thu Sep 11 10:43:15 PDT 2003

> From: Annette Stollman <annettestollman at mac.com>
> Date: Thu Sep 11, 2003  10:03:17  AM US/Pacific
> To: HomeMac at lists.themacintoshguy.com
> Subject: Downloading problem
> I am having a very strange problem with downloads. I am using Safari 
> as my browser and running system 10.2.6 0n a 17 inch iMac.
> Initially I downloaded and installed the latest version of Speed 
> Download. But when trying to use it, Safari reloaded over and over 
> again the page that had the download link on it instead of going to 
> the download or even downloading. Software Update appeared  to work 
> well. So I eliminated Speed Download where ever I could find it. It 
> had Java applets and other files which I believe I found and deleted. 
> Instead of not downloading it now downloads icons that have the blank 
> page icon with .dms as the extension. These are the  same size as the 
> download should be but are not capable of being uncompressed. Files 
> that were VISE downloads work and occasionally other downloads work. 
> For example I down loaded my system software and reinstalled it with 
> no problem. I was going to reinstall Safari but it appears as one of 
> those odd icons with the .dms extensions.
> I have ordered Disk Warrior 3 but otherwise  besides using the First 
> Aid utility on a start up disk(it tells me everything is fine on my 
> HD) I have only Techtool Pro which wants System 9 to run even if I try 
> to run it from the CD.
> Any suggestions and where do you think the problem lies?
> Annette

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