[X Newbies] Mail.app Mailbox problems

Sherry Silver60 at pacbell.net
Thu Sep 18 08:57:11 PDT 2003

On Wednesday, September 17, 2003, at 06:27  PM, David Boag wrote:

> This is a follow-up to a recurring problem with Mail. A couple weeks 
> ago I asked about how to correct a problem of a mailbox "Writing 
> changes to Disk" for minutes at a time, and repeatedly. I deleted the 
> mailbox contents with "index" in the filename, and rebuilt the 
> mailboxes (all of them, actually, not just the offender). The problem 
> has resurfaced. Not only is it writing changes to disk in the activity 
> window, but now it is doing it two times at the same time. The mailbox 
> is my most important mailbox with over 3000 digests in it, and that 
> may be part of the problem, although Entourage never did anything like 
> this.
> I'm thinking I might be forced to reinstall Mail.app, but since it 
> installed with OS X, I'm not sure how. I have a hard time thinking 
> it's the prefs, because it's only this mailbox.
> Any guidance would be helpful at this point. Thanks.
> --
> David R. Boag, DDS
> spikedds at bellsouth.net
> Dental Design of Kedron, LLC

Try eMA.

eMessage Archiver removes older (or all) email out of various email 
programs, and copies them into a single database. This keeps valuable 
email safer, removes mailbox clutter, reduces the size of the active 
email database, and usually speeds up the email application.

You can continues to use the same database as you switch email 
programs, or you use more than one email or newsgroup application. 
(This still leaves only one copy of each message on your Mac, so back 
up as usual. EMA is not a substitue for backing up, but makes the 
active email application's database smaller and easier to back up as 
often as you should.)

Each database keeps an extensive set of preferences, including what 
folders should be imported into that database and how old a message 
should be before archiving it. Other filters include priority, status, 
and what to do with safely archived messages.



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