OSX not dial-up friendly

Paul Korntheuer paul at rarefaction.com
Tue Sep 23 17:00:33 PDT 2003

I mean that OSX will not behave in the same way as OS9 and earlier. I like
to turn on my computer in the morning and walk away, get a cup of coffee,
read the newspaper and come back to my computer and read the morning emails
(and delete 94 junk emails) that downloaded while I was slipping coffee.

Apple's internet apps (Safari, Mail, and others) can't successfully
negotiate an internet connection on their own. I would need to "manually"
connect and after downloading emails, manually disconnect. This is what I
mean by not being dial-up friendly. We took a step backwards in OSX for
dial-up users.

I tried several email clients - only Microsoft's Entourage worked best at
negotiating a successful connection (some of the time). Though Entourage for
OSX is PAINFULLY slow, so I can't wait to dump it and move to Apple's Mail


On 9/23/03 5:50 AM, "Mac OS X Newbies" <X-Newbies at lists.themacintoshguy.com>

> Also, what do you mean by OSX not being dial-up friendly. While I
> haven't used dialup in a few years, I just hooked my friends iMac up to
> Earthlink in about 3 mins with no problems.
> David Crandon

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