[X Newbies] Date and time settings

Raoul Armfield armfield at amnh.org
Thu Sep 25 08:19:42 PDT 2003

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:My OS X keeps on loosing its preferences everytime I
:restart (not a battery story, I am not switching the machine off) It
:never keeps the Rand, Date, Keyb setting I change. Very annoying. Any
:PowerBook G4 Ti on 10.2.6

did you actually replace the battery to confirm this. 
Because, how do you figure you are not switching the machine off?  Isn't
a restart by definition an automatic reboot which implies having
shutdown the machine for albeit a second or less and then restarting it?
So if the battery is shot of course you would lose all your settings.

On the other hand I have seen this issue before and can not recall how
we resolved it.

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