[X Newbies] Picture Stamp on email messages?

birgit rhoads wdlnd at adelphia.net
Fri Apr 2 19:52:03 PST 2004

It has nothing to do with .mac account.  Go to SystemPref/My 
Account/Pictures. Drop/drag picture into the window.  That is your 
picture now and will show up on your Mail emails, but only those who 
use Apple Mail will see the picture:-(


On Apr 2, 2004, at 10:26 PM, Bob Geiger wrote:

> 	 I've noticed several posts on this list with pictures stamps of 
> themselves or other graphics on the messages they post. I also note 
> that these people have @mac.com addresses. Here's a newbie question... 
> is it only messages coming from the @mac.com address that show this 
> stamp? Messages that I've posted here contain my user picture which I 
> see on the message list on my Mail application but since I don't use  
> @mac.com  I'm wondering if my messages show a pictures stamp to other 
> readers of the list. I have been under the impression that OSX Mail 
> sent between two OSX users would show each of their picture stamps.
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